Subscription Plan

Focus on growth. Not managing your ERP.


$ 0

/ month
  • 1 User
  • Contact App
  • Manage Contact & Activities
  • No Support


$ 328

/ month
  • 10 Users
  • Web, CRM, Sales, Invoice
  • Share and collaborate with Sales Team.
  • Whatsapp Support


$ 492

/ month
  • 20 Users
  • Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting
  • Share and collaborate from Sales to Operation and Finance.
  • Whatsapp Support


$ Ask

/ month
  • 20 Users
  • Custom App
  • Faster & Smoother Operation
  • Whatsapp Support

Our Services


From understanding your operation to setting up ERP, importing data, configuring app, creating user, training and coaching, save time and avoid painful mistakes.

Kickstart Enquiry


ERP maintenance and admin support, no in-house IT required.

Free for Subscriber


From custom field to custom app, reporting template, API integration, workflow automation, mobile app development, IoT development and so on.

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Custom App 

Common Questions

FREE : 1-user, for you to manage contact activities with ease, just like having a PA.

$328 : up to 10 users, you may assign activities to your team, and collaborating through contact, lead & opportunity (CRM), quotation & sales order, invoicing, website (web form, e-commerce, blog, forum).

$492 : up to 20 users, you can manage operation from sales to purchase, inventory and accounting.

$Ask : for more users, or if you want to digitize specific operation to improve speed and accuracy, please contact us to discuss your idea.

Subscription includes

  • Cloud, maintenance and support of ERP

But exclude the following services, which covers in Kickstart.

  • Understanding of your business operation
  • Installation, setup, configuration of app, user, communication and report template.
  • Setup test environment, importing data
  • Training and coaching of ERP user

You may upgrade to higher subscription plan.

For example:

  • Let say you have 10 user now, and you plan to recruit 2 new intern student to work for 3 months, so total user now is 12.  You may add 2 new user login-id without upgrading to higher subscription plan, as this is temporary.
  • Let say you still have 10 user, your data size has grown big and you always perform complex task (eg: analytic report), and you noticed generating report is getting slower, you may consider upgrading to higher subscription plan.

OK, there are 3 types of user generally, user mentioned in subscription plan is referring to Internal User, and is for reference only.

  • Internal User: login user who perform operation activities, eg: CEO, Manager, Finance, Clerk, Store, etc.
  • Portal User: login user who perform personal activities, eg: employee applying leave, customer downloading quotation, invoice, vendor checking PO, vendor bill, and so on.
  • Public User : website visitor, no login required.


  • You do not need any of our services if you accept everything offered by the default, and willing to explore and learn through tutorial.

Our Services


  • If you want an ERP up and running for your organization as soon as possible.
  • If you prefer someone to assist and guide you through.
  • If you want to avoid slow learning curve, unnecessary mistake and cost to fix mistake.


  • If you already kickstarted and wanted to install more app.
  • If you already kickstarted and needed more user, or blocking user, renaming user.


  • Custom App Plan is intended to help you solve specific problem quickly.
  • If you want to modify available feature, field, and etc.
  • If you want to automate some tasks or processes.
  • If you want to modify existing app or develop new app.
  • if you want to integrate with other app or system.
  • If you want to change the look and feel (not recommended)

As our pricing include cloud, maintenance and support, if you cancel the subscription, the ERP will stop working, hence you should export your data to Excel file before cancellation (you may contact support to help export them all). And, you may cancel your subscription at anytime, there is no lock-in.

Our platform uses various industry best-practices to protect our customers.

  • We work with first-class cloud providers which are certified and regularly perform penetration tests.
  • Only dedicated support personnel and project manager has access to your ERP.
  • We provide option to Two Factor Authentication login.