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Deploy in seconds

Install ERP on a cloud in seconds with https and domain ready. 

Kickstart Instantly

Avoid long learning curve and painful mistakes, our support will assist you from understanding your operation to setup, configuration, training and coaching.

5-Star Support

Empathetic, accountable, innovative, reliable support personnel liaise with you all the time, no passing around phone call frustration.

Backup Automatically

No in-house IT required, daily backups will be kept for 7 days automatically.

Custom-Made App

Fast, accurate, smooth operation starts from innovative idea, our team is ready and feel great to make it works for you.Custom App

Reliable Infrastructure

Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is our approach to speed up deployment and minimize interruption to business operation in long run.


Automated Backups

Daily backup will be kept for 7-day in world class cloud provider, to restore backup, please contact our support.

Backups can be set to hourly, daily, weekly and monthly and can be stored for as long as you want (cost impact).

Reliable Infrastructure

CICD approach is our way forward to setup infrastructure to ensure production, development, test, release processes are well managed, so that interruption to business operation is minimized.

Custom App

5-Star Support

To ensure you receive the finest quality support services in long term, we workshop and coach ERP Support talent, offering them aspiring career, and making them your dedicated partner.

Refer talent to us or click below button to join us.

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to be a preferred ERP support center.


to provide the finest quality ERP services at reasonable price.


empathy, accountability, innovative, and reliability.

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