What consumed 80% of SME energy 

how many you had?

stock messy, stock missing, quantity not tally, cash stuck

poor staff collaboration, overlapping work, lots of paperwork

information not centralized, searching, following up, monitoring, reporting are troublesome

ever thought of

Custom-made App

Easy to use, Automated, Manageable

Fast & Smooth Collaboration

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Why Custom-Made App?

to simplify task, to improve efficiency

Let see example below

Order-Stock Work Collaboration

Tried a few stock software but none solved their problem. Why? Standard software is not meant for their operation.

Custom-Made App, scan barcode, input quantity then click action button to deliver. So easy, its fast, accurate,  and smooth. Can add more action button like receipt, repair, reserve, and so on.

Order-Finance Work Collaboration

Keep track of order, task, official receipt, banking info with Excel is complicated especially during peak season.  Standard app can't solve her problem.

Custom-Made App, simply input, ERP will automate tracking and reporting, boss and finance people can view clear information as when needed.

Order-Production Work Collaboration

Keeping track of sales order and production order with Excel is common, but when sales is high plus rapid change request, Excel has consumed most of her time organizing updates, the boss sleeps 4 hour a day since last 2 years.

Custom-Made App, simplify order taking and editing (phone), click print and  production order report is ready, its super easy job now.  Hence delegated to staff.

Easy to use, Automated, Manageable​

Easy to use

Custom-Made App, focus to complete task, not software how to.
Scan barcode, input quantity, click action, its done, fast, accurate, smooth.


Automated report, follow up, alert, doc creation.
Auto create QC Checklist, DO, dynamic grouping report, print PDF report (predefined template)


Control who can view, who can act, trace who did this.
Change password to stop staff login, set user access to control staff view.

Fast & Smooth Collaboration

ERP: enable collaboration and user access control

Custom-Made App: simplify input and automate task



Speed + Collaboration = Fast & Smooth

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