Web Form: 8 Tips how to use
Fast & Accurate Data Entry

Fast & Accurate Data Entry Idea

8 Tips how to use ITXERP webform :
8 Tips: 
(1) Lead,add multiple form to your funnel landing page.
(2) Contact, need more info form, know who is learning about you.
(3) Opportunity, add form to your product landing page.
(4) Order, let customer create order instead.
(5) Task, let customer create a task and assigned to your team.
(6) Survey, just send link to all prospect, report will update automatically.
(7) Job, post a job and let job seeker submit their CVs to ERP.
(8) Event, allow registration online, hide with just a click.
(9) Training, let your participant register online.

Enquiry Form

This is an example of web enquiry form, after web visitor filling up form and submit, back office will receive a new opportunity with title "ERP for SMEs".

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Survey Form

Share survey link to your prospect and watch survey result in back office.

As simple as (1) create survey, (2) share link, (3) watch result.

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